2014年11月7日 星期五


出國準備時 Prepare for traveling
1. 護照 passport
2. 旅行社 travel agency
3. 手續費 service charge
4. 簽證 visa

預訂機票時 Make flight reservations
1. 單程機票 one-way ticket
2. 往返機票 round trip ticket
3. 頭等艙 first-class section
4. 商務艙 business-class section
5. 經濟艙 economy-class section
6. 靠窗的位子 window seat
7. 靠近走道的座位 aisle seat

A: I’d like to make flight reservations to Hong Kong on May first for three. What is the departure time of the flight to Hong Kong? ( 我想預定三張在五月一日飛往香港的機票。航班是幾點起飛?)
B: Sorry, we only have a seat available on the flight for Hong Kong at 10:30 a.m. ( 很抱歉,我們只剩一張早上十點半飛往香港的機票。)

A: Would you like one-way tickets? ( 您是要單程機票嗎?)
B: I’d like one one-way ticket and one round trip ticket, please. ( 我要一張單程票,一張往返機票。)

A: I’d like to confirm my ticket reservation. My name is … , and my flight number is… (我想確認我的機票,我叫做….,我要乘坐的航班號是…)
B: You are leaving for Hong Kong at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. Is that correct? (你是要飛往香港,起飛時間為十點半,對嗎?)

抵達機場時 At the Airport
1. 航廈 terminal
2. 航空公司服務櫃台 airline attendant
3. 小型推車 Luggage cart
4. 行李 baggage (多為美國所用) / luggage (多為英國所用)
5. 隨身行李 hand-carry bag
6. 機場巴士 Shuttle bus
7. 跑道 runway

You have to renew your passport before it expires. 在有效期限到之前,你必須更換新的護照。
How many pieces of baggage would you like to check?您有幾件行李需要拖運?
※ 這裡的check有托運、託管的意思!
You have to pay extra charge for overweight. 你必須支付行李超重部分的費用。
When is the boarding time? 登機時間是何時呢?
What gate number should I go to board flight 343 to Paris? 飛往巴黎的343航班在幾號登機口登機?
Passengers in rows one through seven may now board. 座位在第一排到第七排的旅客現在可以登機

在飛機上 On board
1. 機長 captain
2. 副駕駛 copilot
3. 空服員 flight attendant
4. 救生衣 life preserver
5. 艙頂置物櫃 overhead compartment
6. 時差 time different
7. 時差症候群 jet lag / jet syndrome
8. 入境申請卡 landing card
9. 海關申報卡 customs declaration
※ Custom有習慣、風俗的意思,以複數形式來說,就是海關、關稅!

Can I have something to drink?可以給我喝得嗎?
Do you have pills for airsickness? 請問有暈機藥嗎?
Do you sell duty free goods on the flight? 飛機上有賣免稅商品嗎?
This headphone is out of order. 這個耳機壞了
Can I use the lavatory now? 我現在可以使用洗手間了嗎?
I have acrophobia. 我有懼高症 (=I have a fear of heights. )
What’s the flying time from Taiwan to Hong Kong? 台灣到香港的飛行時間是多少?
There’s a 12 hour difference in time between Taiwan and America. 台灣和美國有十二個小時的時差。

抵達目的地 Reach ones’s Destination
1. 入境管理處 Immigration Office
2. 海關檢查人員 Customs Clearance
3. 貨幣兌換處 Currency-Exchange

Please, cash this traveler’s check. (請把這張旅行支票換成現金。)
Your passport please. How would you like it? ( 請把您的護照給我看一下。您希望怎麼換呢?)
I want six hundreds, ten twenties, five tens, three five, and five ones. ( 我想要六張一百美元的,十張二十美元的,五張十美元的,三張五美元的,五張一美元的。)