2015年2月16日 星期一

重點文法 - 簡化形容詞子句 (英文)

關係代名詞引導的「形容詞子句」又叫「關係子句」,修飾其前面的「先行詞」關係代名詞在關係子句中當主詞,其後接  BE 動詞  + VING 或 PP,這時可以省略關係詞及 BE 動詞,而留下 VING 或 PP:

The naughty boy who is dancing on the table is my brother Bob.
=The naughty boy dancing on the table is my brother Bob.

The house which is painted blue is my teacher’s house. 
=The house painted blue is my teacher’s house.

Hand soaps ______ in restrooms in public venues have been found to contain exceedingly high numbers of viable bacteria. [103 英領]
(A)provide (B) providing (C) are provided (D) provided  


Anyone touching (= who touches) these priceless exhibits will be escorted out of the museum

Readers______ to the magazine pay less per issue than those buying it at a newsstand.
(A) subscribe  (B) subscribing  (C) subscribed  (D) are subscribing

Passengers______ to other airlines should report to the information desk on the second floor.
(A) have transferred  (B) transfer  (C) are transferred  (D) transferring