2013年12月5日 星期四

Sample tour guide speech (Hsinchu County)

  Good morning. My name is Liao Chun, your tour guide. Today, I am going to tell you about Hsinchu County.
  I’ll cover four things. First, I’ll tell you where it is. Second, I’ll tell you how many people are there. Third, I’ll tell you about the weather here. Finally, I’ll tell you about the economy in Hsinchu.

  First, let’s start with its location. Do you know where Hsinchu is? Hsinchu is in the northwestern part of Taiwan. Its total area is about 1,427 square kilometers.

  Next, guess how many people are in Hsinchu? The population of Hsinchu is about 520 thousand. Chubei is the biggest city in Hsinchu County, and has a population of almost 158 thousand.

  And then, tell me, what kind of weather do you like? The weather in Hsinchu is very comfortable. The coldest months of the year are December and January. The hottest month is August. The average temperature in Hsinchu is 22.6 degree. It’s very comfortable to visit Hsinchu all year round.

  Last, let me tell you what industry we have in Hsinchu. Of course we have traditional farming industry. Hsinchu is famous for its fruits and tea, such as persimmons, peaches, tangerines, and oriental beauty tea. But nowadays everyone knows Hsinchu for its Science Park. It is the most highly concentrated areas in the world of semiconductor manufacturing. It is also known as “Silicon Valley in Taiwan”.  
  Okay! Now, I’ve told you where Hsinchu is, the population of Hsinchu, the weather and the economy over here. Do you have any questions? Or, what else do you want to know more about Hsinchu? Please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you very much for your attention. Hope you enjoy your day.